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Volpi Proscuitto is made using the same old-world method as traditional Italian prosciutto ham that originates in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. The only difference is that Volpi Prosciutto uses all-natural pork from regional heirloom farms. Like its true Italian counterparts, Volpi Prosciutto is the product of a long, unhurried drying process lasting up to 12 months. Each ham is carefully inspected and hand-trimmed by our master Salumiere. It is then carefully rubbed and salted to ensure an air-dried, even cure. The result is a softer, sweet flavor that melts in your mouth.

We recommend at least ¼” of fat be allowed to remain when prosciutto is sliced. Slice very thin and wrap around melon slices, figs or asparagus. Serve with crusty breads, fine cheeses and dry wine.


Thru 3 generations of accomplished salumieri, Volpi Foods is America’s oldest and most prestigious manufacturer of hand-crafted, authentic Italian meat products. Exclusive family recipes, spice combinations and curing methods give our products their distinctive old-world flavor.
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