Gourmet Pepperoni

from Volpi Foods
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The Gulf of Napoli inspired what has become an American-born favorite. Spicy, smoky and rich with flavor, this Pepperoni is perfect on pizza or panini.

Inspired by the Italian tradition, Volpi Salami combines the freshest and finest ingredients with the spices and flavor of the Old World. Each unique recipe is rich with flavors of garlic, peppercorns, paprika, fennel and wine. Our many varieties of salami are the perfect party favor, family dinner or accompaniment to a smooth glass of wine. The result is an unforgettable experience of the true taste of Italy.



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Out of the ordinary
Jan 08, 2010
By Daniel
Rich and flavorful pepperoni. Maybe not quite as rich as the pepperoni of my youth, but probably easier on the arteries as well. A nice change from the boring salami that passes for pepperoni in most supermarkets.

Thru 3 generations of accomplished salumieri, Volpi Foods is America’s oldest and most prestigious manufacturer of hand-crafted, authentic Italian meat products. Exclusive family recipes, spice combinations and curing methods give our products their distinctive old-world flavor.
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